School day:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  Kindergarten begins at 8:25 am and first dismissal (pick ups) begin at 2:42 pm.  
Wednesday:  Kindergarten begins at 8:25 and first dismisses at 12:42.

If you bring your child to school after 8:25 you must sign them in at the office and they will be sent to the classroom with a tardy slip. 

If you have to report a student absence, we now have a voicemail dedicated for absences and an email account,

Recess and Lunch: Students go to recess from 11:35 to 11:55 and lunch from 12:00 to 12:20 except on Wednesday.  
Wednesday recess is 11:00 to 11:20 and lunch from 11:25 to 11:45.  

We typically also have an afternoon recess (except on Wednesday) from 2:15 to 2:30.

Buses and Dismissal:

All questions concerning buses should be referred to the Windham bus garage. (892-1809)

Your child will be put on the bus every day, unless we receive a written note that you would like to pick up your child.  If a note is not possible, please call or email the school office prior to dismissal time and ask that they inform us.  If we do not have a note or notification from the office, your child will be put on the bus.   If you have long  term plans to pick up your child (every Monday and Wednesday, for instance) you may write one note for the period of time to be posted in the classroom.  If your child is a daily pick up you may obtain a fast pass.  See: under School Information.


Please notify the nurse if your child has any food allergies!

Our class will have a snack each day.  You are asked to send in a snack for your child each day.  Please label your child's snack bag or container.  It helps me determine what their snack is if they also have a home lunch.  Snack should be something small.  


We can communicate most quickly via e-mail - 
I try to check e-mail everyday as often as possible, usually during lunch and when the children are at a special.  If any information that needs to be delivered quickly, your safest route is a call to the office!

Everyday,  your child will bring home a Communication Folder containing all notices and samples of his or her school work.  Please return the empty folder daily back to school.

Our district also has a list serve with all events and information which you may join to have your email added.  I highly encourage you to subscribe at: Link to subscribe to list serve.under school information.

Many parents ask about student supplies.  In our classroom we share all classroom supplies to help with a smoother flow to our day and promote a caring community.  Please do not send your student with their own supplies (pencils, scissors, glue, etc.).  If you would like to contribute to our classroom community supplies, please see our wish list (which I update regularly to meet the needs of the students) on the right hand panel of this website.  If you would prefer to send crayons, glue, and pencils (instead of wish list items), they can always be utilized in the classroom.Thank you!

Special Events:

Our class will be celebrating birthdays by honoring each child on their special day.  We acknowledge birthdays by singing to the child and giving them a birthday sticker.  I request that you refrain from sending in special treats on your child's birthday.  School Board policy prohibits food celebrations.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Birthday invitations will not be distributed in the classroom.  I  do provide, for parents who choose to be included, a classroom contact list to help facilitate play dates and parties.


Volunteers are welcome and are an integral part of our kindergarten program.  I usually start volunteers in  late October, as the children need time to adjust to school and the school routine.  Volunteers will be needed for both help in the classroom, field trips, and at home projects.  Volunteers must complete an application which can be found on the school website.  Even if you have volunteered in the past, a new application must be completed yearly.

Please be aware that we have class members and teachers with asthma and allergies, which can be triggered by strong scents, and wool.  We ask that you refrain from wearing these whenever you will be in our classroom.


Kindergarten Team One: Mrs. Douglass, Mrs. Jandreau, Miss Latham


Music: Mrs. Cash Cobb

P.E.: Mrs. Turkington

Library: Mrs. Keary

Social Worker: Mr. Reidy

Behavior Specialist: Ms. Burns

Parent Responsibilities:

PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  Please label your child's backpack, jackets, boots, hats, etc.  We have many identical items in identical sizes and mix-ups can be easily avoided if items are labeled.   Add extra clothes in a plastic bag in the backpack in case of accidents.

ENTRY:  Our school policy states that anyone entering our building come through the front door and sign in.  You are requested to sign in and wear a visitor or volunteer pass.  If you are picking up your child, you need to sign them out .  Please be prepared to show identification.  If you are in the building and not wearing a pass, you may be stopped and questioned.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following our school policies to make sure all children are kept safe.


Children go out twice for recess almost every day.  Please make sure they have appropriate outside clothing.  No children are allowed to remain inside, unless we receive written instructions from the child's physician.

Book Club:

Our class participates in a Scholastic book club; however, purchasing of books is strictly voluntary.  Order forms are sent home monthly, if you are interested.  Every book ordered earns the class bonus points which are used to provide new books for the children.